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Love, Sex & Self-Respect:
Your Body Holds the Keys

October 18 - 22, 2017
Fall Bioenergetic Conference
Essex, Massachusetts
Essex Woods Meeting & Retreat Center

Our journey as energetic beings begins well before birth and continues until our death, but until we learn to feel the energy in our body this remains an illusive concept. Our sexual identity is central to our aliveness, our self-development and our expression in the world. Our self-identity is challenged, modified, and frequently frozen over time by the demands of the outer world. We long to be our true self and to live a life that matters. Only by directly experiencing ourselves as energetic beings can we be more fully with ourselves and with others. In this conference, we will aim to understand and experience the energetic point of view more clearly. We will explore some of the shifts in the Bioenergetic model including questions such as: How can we gain a deeper experience of ourselves as sexual and loving beings? How can we work with the body to feel more of our energy? How are energetic processes shaped in the course of development? How do we stay grounded and centered while in the presence of another person? The energetic path to love, sex, and self-respect lies within each of us. Our bodies hold the keys.

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Photos from 2016 Conference