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Embodying Wholeness:
The Healing Power of Emotions

Oct 31 - Nov 4, 2018
Essex Woods Meeting & Retreat Center

Experiences from our past can wound us physically and emotionally. These experiences restrict our capacity for satisfying relationships, diminish our vitality and limit our sense of wholeness. The impact of difficult early life events becomes structured in our bodies and blocks us from living with a sense of ease. This inhibits our ability to take risks, to move toward pleasure, and to maintain boundaries reflecting self-respect. Understanding the source of these restrictions, combined with safe and appropriate emotional expression can help restore health, aliveness and an ability to connect deeply with others.

In the context of a supportive community through Bioenergetic exercises, talks, discussion and group process we will explore together the healing power of emotional expression which can lead to a greater sense of wholeness. We invite you to join us!

Featuring Violaine DeClerk from Belgium as keynote speaker & leader of the advanced group.

Join us on Thursday for an extra day with Violaine leading individual therapy sessions.

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Conference Registration

Do You Need CE Credits (+$40.00)? Yes No

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Room Single Double Triple Non-Residential

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Conference Price List

Early Reg.
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$850 $950 Double
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$1000 $1100 Single
$700 $800 Non-residential
Extra night - Wednesday, Oct. 31.
$225 $250 Double/Triple/Non-residential
$275 $300 Single

We are pleased to offer a discount of $100 for participants coming from Canada to account for the exchange rate.

Comments from participants of the 2017 conference

"The gathering was rich and nourishing and I am very grateful."

"This conference makes my life worth living!"

"I participate to be part of a life-giving community."

"This is my second family."

"Overall it's one of the best conference because it is embodied and there seems to be a clarity of intention and a united working front."

"I learned a lot about myself and my triggers. Did some great deep work on myself in the group. I learned about psychotherapy and about Bioenergetics."

Photos from the 2017 conference